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Do you put your finances last?

I know, you really want to work on them, but something just won’t let you.

That’s your money block. It’s trying to protect you from the things you’ve determine were a risk to you. You know like holding on to those old money mistakes, not taking responsibility for the debt, hiding behind not knowing what to do, and spending without thought of your future.

This is why Financial Self-Care is so important. 

That was me too. I was a new mom who found herself single, bankrupt, with a beautiful baby boy. It wasn’t until I realized that in order for me to achieve my money goals I’d have to financially educate myself, create a financial goals, and commit to my financial future. Those small changes allowed me to build more confidence in myself, my debt reduced so I now have a 800+ credit score, and my saving quadrupled to over 5 figures.

This is why Financial Self-Care is so important. 

Knowing that I can have it all, new opportunities and experiences that having money affords me. I have financial security & peace in knowing that I’m enjoying today but preparing for my future.

Now I help countless others, shift into being their own wealth plan.

Are you ready to start building a better financial relationship with money?


Heyyy, I'm Takisha Artis. I created Takisha's Theory a Lifestyle Elevation Firm specializing in financial-life coaching & personal development for women. 

I want to help you position yourself to be your own wealth plan by shifting your money mindset and creating money management strategies.

It’s time to create a new narrative that wealth is possible. You just have to determine your own definition of wealth & commit to achieving it.

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