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Are you where you want to be in your life?

It seems no matter how hard you want to live your best life, something happens to set you back or you self sabotage. Financially, you know what to do (spend less, save more, reduce debts, and start to invest), but you can’t seem to actually do it. Your commitment is there, but something just won’t allow it to happen.

That something is the self-imposed limiting beliefs overriding what you want to do. Those beliefs want to keep you stuck feeling unworthy and undeserving. Those beliefs have been with you for years, reminding you that this isn’t a good idea, you tried this before, that won’t work, you’re not good at this. Those programmed stories, are really thoughts turned into beliefs that need to be changed. Why? Because they don’t apply anymore to the woman you’re becoming.

See, this new you is ready to replace what wasn’t working with new thoughts, new beliefs, and new strategies to get her money & mindset together. She knows to create wealth she needs to do things differently. She knows she has to change her spending habits, she refuses to live below her potential another day. She knows she has to focus on her net-worth, redefine her values about success, and set real financial goals that lead to wealth.

She was me. I was a new mom who found herself single, bankrupt, with a beautiful baby boy. I had to hit rock-bottom for me to realize struggling financially, emotionally, and spiritually wasn’t the life I wanted to live. I had to change my thinking & my wealth plan. I shifted away from negative people, draining conversations, negative thoughts, and created new friendships with women who believed in abundance and prosperity, who had financial goals, who knew that wealth was possible. I got my finances together, I started setting goals like increasing my net-worth, reducing my debt to get my credit score to 800+, and building my freedom fund.

Now I help countless others, create better money relationships, but first it starts with their mindset then with the wealth building strategies.

Wealth is possible for all of us, it’s our right, but you’ve got to know you deserve it. And you do, I’m no different from you. I just shifted my mindset earlier, so let me show you how to create a better money mindset to live the wealthy lifestyle you desire.

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    Heyyy, I'm Takisha Artis. I created Takisha's Theory a Lifestyle Elevation Firm specializing in mindset & success coaching & personal development for women. 

    I want to teach you how to overcome the self-imposed limiting beliefs to gain financial confidence & wealth.

    It’s time to create a new narrative that wealth is possible. You determine your own definition of wealth & now commit to achieving it.

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