This hour-long masterclass replay you'll gain clarity on what numbers you should be focusing on as an entrepreneur:


You're focusing on serving, helping, and overseeing your clients hit their goals and make money that you've lost sight of what your business is doing financially. But the bottom line is you're frustrated and confused about what exactly you need to do to get a better understanding of your business finances.


I know you might not be in a position to hire an accountant or bookkeeper right now, but that doesn't mean you can't learn the basics of business finance until you can. 

1. 5 Numbers you should know so you can be knowledgeable about your money situation.

2. Calculate what it really cost to run your business. Includes a real example.

3. How much to invest? Are you investing back into your business or wasting money?

4. Pricing structure. How much are you charging and standing firm in your price?

5. Profit purpose, what are you doing with your money? Give it a purpose before you make it so you'll know where it goes.

** Class slides are provided so you can calculate the numbers for your business using the examples provided.