Reclaiming Selfish Saturdays

From the time we’re kids, we’re taught to share, give, help out, put others first, and compromise. Then as we transition to girlfriends, wives, and mothers, we continue to put everyone’s needs before our own. Then what happens?

You get tired, you get frustrated, you lose who you are, you forget who you want to be, and you just exist.

So going forward, every week, we’re going to be selfish.

By definition selfish means “devoted to or caring only for oneself.” And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. 

We're reclaiming regular old errand Saturday as Selfish Saturdays,the one day you can give yourself permission to be selfish about you, as you see fit.

It doesn’t have to be all Saturday, just a couple minutes or hours where you’re #1 and you feel amazing while doing it all without guilt about what anyone else thinks.

I’m selfish with my Saturday mornings.

I get up early to fix myself some tea, cuddle back up in bed, and journal for a bit and enjoy a nice book while the house is still quiet. Those couple hours reinvigorate me and help me unwind from the week.

So I want you to do these 3 things to help you start your Selfish Saturdays with me.

  1. What’s something you love but you gave up doing because you don’t have the time?

  2. How can you rearrange your Saturday so you can get it back?

  3. Don’t feel guilty about allowing yourself to have this. You’ve given, given, and given so much to everyone else, you deserve this. You need this. You’ve earned this. So take it and enjoy it.