What do you want?

WHAT DO YOU WANT is probably one of the hardest questions to answer but one of the most important.


Because knowing this answer means you've given it real thought and you're aligned with the decision. 

For so long, I was stuck between comfort and action in certain areas of my life. Career action, money stuck, relationship stuck, family action. It was exhausting. 

One day I realized I just couldn't operate like that. I needed more and I deserved more. 

But my past hurts, failures, and embarrassment kilt my dreams. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. To be honest I liked me, but I didn't love me 100% enough to make me a priority. I had to go on this personal development journey and really work on me the woman. Then I was able to work on my finances, my relationships, and my business. Everything just started coming together. I think deep down this is why I became a life coach, I needed to get the tools to help the woman I used to be, just in case I needed to help myself again or others who've lost themselves along the way. 

So I challenge you today to acknowledge your past mistakes, forgive yourself for making them, get honest with yourself about who you want to become & what you want your life to look like on December 31,2109, pray, meditate, and start working towards achieving it. Don't hold back in dreaming. Grab you some paper and pour your heart out, pour your dreams out, build that God got me perfect life. Then take one tiny step every day to work on the woman who is going to accomplish it. 

Stop avoiding the risk of hurt & failure, they're simply learning experiences. You're hurting yourself more by staying stuck. 

So I ask you again, WHAT DO YOU WANT?