3 Ways to Practice Financial Self-Care

Financial self-care is you taking time to focus on your finances and figure out how money can be used to elevate your lifestyle and achieve your financial goals. 

Sounds easy, but this is probably one of the main things you struggle with. 

Here's 3 key ways to practice financial self-care, and they just happen to be the core of Takisha's Theory:

1. Start practicing prosperity thinking. If you want to be a six-figure earner, how would a six-figure earner act, how would she handle money, what would her money habits be? If you're not currently positioning yourself toward shifting your money mindset, you'll have a hard time achieving your financial goals.

2. Focus on how you manage your money. You should know what your net worth is. Why? Knowing how much you're making is only one part, the bigger part is knowing how much keep, how much do you spend and owe others?

3. Elevate your lifestyle. What got you here won't get you there, you have to seek new environments, experiences, and goals. To be that six-figure earner, you have to mix with others who are already there. Where do they hang out, what events are they at, what are they focusing on?

By focusing on your wealth you're creating a way to sustain your lifestyle. You just need to focus on it a bit more, because what you focus on grows.

Now if you’re scared to admit you want to live differently, do it, because fear will keep you stagnant. Why live with just enough, when you can be abundant? Tell yourself daily what you deserve wealth, because you do.

What self care practices are you going to implement? Let me know in the comments.