Figure out the vision then fund it

Where do you want to be this time next year? 

I'm not just talking about saying you're going to make $100,000. That's fine but will that be enough to support where you want to go? 

Envision your life a year from now. What does it look like, what do you look like, what does your business or the career look like, what does your finances look like? I mean really think about how much will you have saved, how much debt will you have paid off, what trips will you have taken, what charities will you donate to, what will you treat yourself to? Will you still be driving the same car or living in the same house? Will your business be serving the same people at the same price? Will you still be a team of one? 

The best part of visualizing where you want to be, is you define it. It’s your life, you can make it as grand and luxurious as you want. Or as conservative and simplified as you please. You can start living the life you’ve denied yourself for years. It really is up to you what your life will be like. There aren't any limits unless you place them there. 

Now that you have the dream life break it into two categories:

  1. Take inventory of what you ALREADY HAVE to get this vision. Maybe you already have the skills and resources to create the visual map.

  2. Determine what you NEED to get this vision. Maybe you need the funds and a new mindset to see it to completion.

Fund the vision. Fund it with time, resources, personal development, seeds that will multiply your efforts, community, whatever it needs be intentional about funding it, prayer, & inspired action.

But at no point should you ever feel that this vision isn’t to be worked on & for you to be pushed towards. Despite the doubts, despite the fear, despite it all figure out the vision and fund it.

Simply because you deserve it.


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