How to Take Your Financial Power Back

Taking your financial power back starts with you shifting your relationship with money. I mean deep in your soul know that things have to financially change. Sometimes we're scared to admit that we want to be rich & wealthy, forget about believing it. But that's the problem. Rich means to have wealth or great possessions. Abundantly supplied resources. But I love this definition the most; rich-the ability to live your life as you want free from financial constraints or abundantly. That sounds like the lifestyle you deserve. 

You have to change how you view money: money isn't evil, you don't have to be special to be rich, nor feel greedy for wanting to be rich. If you say you don't want to be rich, you're probably lying to yourself and it's your defense mechanism kicking in because you don't believe you can have wealth. Now I realize the last sentence might be an issue. 

But I stand by it. Who wants to constantly worry about how they're going to pay their bills, being stressed about not having enough, scared you don't have money saved, and always hustling for the next client because your bank account is low?

Not I. 

I want to be wealthy, please and thank you.

These 3 three tips will move you on the path to being in control of your finances:

  1. Create different money goals. What’s your income goal, your savings goal, and your debt payoff goal?

  2. Envisioning your financial future. Rich isn't just about living in a mansion having a luxury car. What experiences and opportunities you'll be able to afford without worrying about the money?

    • Now if this exercise is challenging for you try this mind trick. Envision your life if you just had enough, no more shifting money around you have exactly what you need to. You can breathe easy. That feeling of financial peace is what you want to envision. Now take it a step further next time, envision what it will feel and look like to have money saved. Then all your bills paid in full. Each time you create the vision your finances are getting better and better. Pretty soon you'll be envisioning your rich life and working to get it.

  3. Commit to reviewing your finances weekly. Start having money meetings, a quick meeting to evaluate your current financial position. It allows you to make adjustments in your spending, see if you’re on target, review & track your spending habits for the week in less than 20 minutes.

    Looking at your finances at the end of the month is sometimes too late especially if you're struggling with your spending habits. 

So, what are you doing to fight for your financial freedom, let me know in the comments.