I promise not to play small.

I promise not to let my fear of success, sabotage the very things I want. 

I promise to show up every day better than the day before. 

I promise to love on myself daily, I mean I’m a milf, lol. 

I promise to seek the best in me no matter what.

I promise to love myself flaws & all.

I promise to forgive myself. 

I promise to remember that success and failure don’t define me. 

I promise to give dating a new shot. 

I promise to be the example of what a wealthy woman looks like. 

I promise to listen to my own intuition.

I promise to trust me more. 

I promise to stay authentic to me and my values. 

I promise to dream big, then double that, and double that again. 

I promise to do the work to be the best version of me. 

I promise to teach & empower women to be confident in who they are & have the financial confidence to match. 

What will you promise yourself? 

I could be to stop putting your dreams on hold, to get serious about your money, to step out of your comfort zone, to go for it, to let go, to grab on with both hands. 

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom, or you see devastation, or lose someone to realize that you have to live YOUR best life now. 

So what promises, promises will you keep? Let’s talk in the comments!!