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What do you want?

WHAT DO YOU WANT is probably one of the hardest questions to answer but one of the most important.


Because knowing this answer means you've given it real thought and you're aligned with the decision. 

For so long, I was stuck between comfort and action in certain areas of my life. Career action, money stuck, relationship stuck, family action. It was exhausting. 

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Reclaiming Selfish Saturdays

From the time we’re kids, we’re taught to share, give, help out, put others first, and compromise. Then as we transition to girlfriends, wives, and mothers, we continue to put everyone’s needs before our own. Then what happens?

You get tired, you get frustrated, you lose who you are, you forget who you want to be, and you just exist.

So going forward, every week, we’re going to be selfish.

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