...Be Your Own Financial Plan

You're running a successful business making money, yet you're still facing money problems. I know you feel like it's a never ending cycle, new launch = more money, but that's not what your bank account shows. You're helping your clients get results yet you’re financially failing.

The reality is,  you haven't achieved your financial goals because YOU need someone to help you with managing your money.

That's where I come in at, I’m Takisha Artis, and I teach entreprenuers how to use their business profits to elevate their lifestyle & achieve their financial goals. I do this through my signature system M.A.P.S.S to Wins & Wealth which consists of Money Mindset, Assessing your financial situation, Prioritizing your goals, Systems you can use, and Strategies that actually work.

It's time you hold yourself accountable just like your clients, to know what your financial situation is, what financial goals you want to achieve, and how you'll do it. Seems doable right? That's because it is.

It's time to mind your money personally & in business. Why? Because the same habits, mindset, & goals apply to both. I’m waiting for you to decide that you're tired of being in the same situation even though you've made more money. You ready?



You know how to help your clients, now it's time to help yourself. Every time you take out your card, I want you to feel confident that you have the money. I want you to feel the pride in finally separating your business and personal finances. Achieving your goals to have money saved to invest in upgrades, emergencies, and to be able to pay yourself a generous salary for your hard work. When you learn to manage your money you create financial freedom by knowing your situation.  


Just like you don't want your clients to worry about how much your products and services cost, you want to spend your money the same way, without worry. And the way to do that is to change your money mindset, set financial goals, create a solid financial plan and discipline yourself to stick with it. 




As a single mom, by managing both my personal and business profit I've been able to live a lifestyle that I can afford but also deserve. I sleep well at night knowing that I’ve planned for my son's future and that I’m teaching him how to develop the right mindset so that he never has to go through what I did. 

Don't continue to spend money just because you have it. Set out to manage what you have now so that you can also plan for your future. In one session, I'll help you change your negative relationship with money and create a financial plan, systems and strategies to help you achieve your goals. You ready to get discplined and do the work?