You say you’re broke, but are you really? 

I challenge you to shift your perspective

Go back to your last 5 purchases to see if you needed what you bought. You didn’t did you? I know, you’ve been programed to spend, not to create wealth. 


This 5 video series will help you shift from feeling like your current financial situation is causing anxiety and overwhelm to creating a positive abundant relationship with money, your new BFF. 

You see the truth is money is a tool to get you what you want. But you’ve assigned these negative emotions (hurt, guilt, unworthiness, & shame) around money, now it’s causing you to feel like you want nothing to do with it. And what happens to things we don’t want? We get rid of them. Now it makes sense why you spend as fast as you get it. 

You see I had feelings of lack & scarcity, so I hoarder money refusing to spend it except on needs. Well I sacrificed a lot of my wants and desires to only realize I could have all of my wants and needs met, I just had to shift my mindset and create spending behaviors that supported it.

In working with past clients I’ve realized a couple things, how we view ourselves is a direct relationship on how we see money. And some of our upbringing or lessons we’ve picked up as kids from our parents or others around money are still limiting us as adults. 

During these 5 videos we’ll cover:

  • How to identify and discover the areas of your life you need to work on. Why? Because wealth is as much an inner state as it is a bank account balance. You need to identify where you need to create areas of abundance.

  • How to stop telling these old stories passed down from generation to generation and create new stories. Learn how to flow through resistance. You’ve been saying these phrases for years learn how to identify & reframe them in a fun & positive way.

  • You’ve been creating money goals you’ve yet to meet, well it stops now. Powerful tips on saving, creating a means to pay your debt off fast, and create goals that are in alignment with you and your real desires.

  • Calculating your net worth (it’s easy with a FREE app!!), how not to get trapped into thinking your rich just because you’re making more money.

  • It’s all up to you. Shifting how you feel about you as the steward, wealthy, successful woman you were created to be. BE the woman who will DO what she needs to HAVE what she desires.

It’s time for you to stop sabotaging your finances and create a new money mindset makeover. The only thing limiting you, your wealthy bank accounts, & stopping you from living your dream life, is YOU. 

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