M. Hinton

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Takisha! I have taken every kind of financial course or training there is, but there was something Takisha said that clicked everything into place for me. Changed my whole thinking process about my spending. So now I'm thinking about every purchase I make as a need or want and how it effects my financial goal. She gave me a plan of action that position me for financial success as well. I've been an entrepreneur for over 5 years and have never had a money meeting and probably never would have, but Takisha said even if you are the only person on your team that makes the financial decisions for your business I should be having money meetings to make those important money decisions. Reach out to Takisha to see how she can help you.



M. Norwood

I had a session with Takisha this morning and it was POWERFUL! She helped to identify my negative-sabotaging narrative that I HAD around money. This was so enlightening because this mindset had me to put up a Money Block or resistance to executing my financial plans! She was able to talk to the REAL issue at hand and give me solutions to rectify the problem!



I. Henley

My session with Takisha was incredible! Before talking with her I wasn't really sure how to handle my business finances and had anxiety about how I was going to achieve my financial goals. Takisha provided me with a clear plan to manage my business finances and use my business to achieve my goals. She also helped me clarify my financial goals for the year and gave me tips on creating healthy financial habits. I love her non judgmental attitude and how she breaks everything down. I am excited about my finances and ready to achieve my goals!!



O. Anderson

My experience with Takisha was amazing. This young woman knows her money and in one focused session helped me to identify the roadblocks keeping me from scaling my company. She did it with tact and empathy. I highly recommend her for shifting your money mindset and correcting any habits that are keeping you from financial growth.



T. Williams

f you want to know your money and plan your money better personally or business wise. I highly recommend working with Takisha. Since taking her 2 week challenge, I was able to see what my monthly personal expenses truly are and see what my net income really is. I’’ paying my credit cards down using the methods she gave. For the month of October I was able to plan my money better, Now I can pay a little extra on debt after canceling memberships I didn’t need. As well as invest more in my business.



B. Robinson

Me and money use to have a bad relationship. As a kid I wasn’t taught about money literacy.
I would spend my last and look stupid and have a negative bank account. It’s not true that if you know better, you do better. I knew better and still did it. It’s when you become tired of the same dumb shit, you decide to change. 
The think that broke that poverty mindset in me was about 2 years ago when I needed some ink for my printer and I couldn’t give the contracts to my clients to get some money because I had over-drafted my account and had no money. It was at that moment that I got my finances in order.

I hired Takisha Artis to help me really determine what money I really had through an assets and liabilities analysis. 
She is dope and have a lot of tools, even free tools to help you get to know your money. Reach out to her today.