I know as a coach you want to transform lives well it's time for you to transform your financial life as well. As a consultant you're focused on creating strategies for your clients, well it's time for you to create a financial strategy for yourself. As an infopreneur you want to give what you know away, well it's time for you to give to yourself first. 


Having a Spending plan doesn't mean your business isn't profitable. It's a tool commonly referred to as a budget. But we're fancy here so it's a Spending Plan because let's face it you like money and love to spend it, but I want to show you how to change your perspective and give you a plan that you can create and stay focused and accountable to. 

A Spending Plan will help you:

  • Know where your money is coming from

  • Know where your money is going

  • Forecast upcoming sales and expenses

  • Project new product and services

  • Help you hit your revenue goal

  • Make sound business decisions

  • Get and stay profitable

This 45-minute masterclass replay will help you:Identify what a Spending Plan isWhy a Spending Plan is importantHow to change your Money MindsetHow to stay accountable to your planHow to create a Spending Plan 
Don't go into the new year without a plan for your money. Take this class, execute the steps, and start being a better steward over your finances. And learn strategies to use your business to change your lifestyle. You owe it to yourself.